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Congratulations to Cathy Martin!


May 2014 – The 2014 Carol Benson Award for Outstanding Service to Dental Hygiene was awarded to Cathy Martin, RDH from Madison, WI.  Here is the nomination statement for Cathy:


I nominate Cathy Martin for the Carol Benson Award. Cathy has a long history with WDHA.  She has been president of MADHA for the past three years.  As president, Cathy arranges fundraisers, continuing education, and represents her component at the Board of Trustee meetings. Cathy also works tirelessly as the head SADHA advisor at Madison College.  Cathy’s commitment to the students of SADHA never waivers; she spends one whole unpaid day at the college coaching students and preparing for SADHA meetings. This year, Cathy is also one of the ADHA Delegates.  In the past, Cathy has been the vice president of WDHA.


Cathy Martin is an outstanding model for Dental Hygiene Professionalism. I truly believe that her dedication to her students generates a new and invigorated generation of dental hygienists ready to represent their profession.  Her commitment as president of the Madison Component of WDHA gives her the ability to inform and educated her component on all of the exciting changes happening now in WDHA.


Chelsey Kilmer (Nominator)


Congratulations to Lisa Bell!


Many important achievements were realized during Lisa’s presidential year and as a result of her leadership.


Relationships were strengthened between ours and other organizations such as the Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition, the Wisconsin Public Health Association, Children’s Health Alliance and others.


WI-DHA changed its logo in order to “co-brand” with ADHA. We celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Dental Hygiene in 2013! The scope of practice for dental hygienists in WI was expanded to include Nitrous Oxide Administration with the passage of new legislation.


Lisa visited several schools of dental hygiene and spear-headed a membership drive which resulted in increased interest and enthusiasm for membership in our organization.


At ADHA’s Annual Session in Las Vegas, NV in June, 2014 Lisa will receive the 2014 Crest/Oral B Clinical Dental Hygienist of the Year Award…this is all based on her public health work, patient advocacy and work with students that she has accomplished with the Madison Dental Initiative… a very high honor.


Congratulations Lisa!




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